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Love is the Doctrine of Our Church

“Love is the Doctrine of Our Church” Submitted by Pastor Joy Smith God is love. That love is the most powerful reality in the world. It created you, and it can give you your life back. The motion picture, Precious, is about the power of love, the destructive, tragic power when love is absent from human life, and the redemptive, saving, literally life-giving power of love when it is given—precious. Clarice Precious Jones is an obese Harlem teenager, pregnant because she was raped by her mother’s boyfriend, who is her father. Her life has been filled with unrelenting sexual and physical abuse since childhood and, because of her appearance, rejected by almost everyone. Her world is dark … [Read More...]

Our Vision Statement

Presbyterian Church of the Apostles
seeks to worship and serve God,
who is revealed to us in the life
and ministry of Jesus Christ.


Please join us as we work toward
fulfilling our vision!

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